Cloud Voice Systems provides Hosted and Premise telephone systems, Bandwidth, Secured Internet. SD-WAN and SMB and Enterprise Contact Center Solutions. As independent consultants Cloud Voice is positioned to evaluate client needs and deliver the best fit for their requirements without bias towards a particular vendor or service provider. With over 30 years experience in the telecommunications industry, Cloud Voice Systems is uniquely qualified to ensure a solution that meets it's clients needs today and in the future.





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Informal and Workgroup Contact Centers These are designed to meet the needs of up to 200 agents or representatives in various roles within the organization and can span multiple sites. An example would be a busy physician's office with 3 to 6 people handling appointment calls and other request from patients. Small Formal Contact Centers When a client requires a contact center with IVR and multi-media functionality and reporting. These are packaged specifically for small contact centers that have sophisticated, enterprise-grade requirements. Large Scale Enterprise Grade Contact Centers Designed for clients with a need for a robust, highly flexible solution that delivers feature rich IVR capabilities and contact center monitoring, reporting, forecasting, and agent productivity. Includes what is required for the most sophisticated contact centers, including virtual, multi-media contact centers with multiple locations and remote agents. Outbound Contact Centers Clients that require preview, progressive, power, and predictive outbound dialing solutions. These dialers may be tightly integrated with their Customer Relationship Management, Campaigning and Agent Scripting capabilities. Cloud Based True cloud solutions that enable businesses to intelligently deliver quality customer experience anywhere, anytime, from any device, and across any channel.